Saturday, April 25, 2009

Catching up on posting...

The following are just random pics from the past few weeks. I just wanted to get re-organized with stuff on my computer. (And thanks to Blogger, they're completely out of order as well!) So, enjoy!!!

Sawyer loves her baths now!

6 months old already! Can ya' believe it?!

Dancin' with Nana & Peytie!

Just waking up from their nap...


Layin' on the trampoline.

Sawyer enjoys watching her sister run around outside.

The tramp fills our hair with static electricity!

Cousin Luke came over to play last weekend. The two had a good time blowing bubbles, riding the 4-wheeler, jumpin' on the trampoline & just running around in the sunshine!

~Peyton Elisabeth & Luke Carson~

Grandpa Matt got a new ride!!! It's a brand new Jeep Rubicon and wow it is NICE! Can't wait to take it out this summer, Dad! ;o)

Joe, taking a peek at the engine.



Enjoyed the pictures. I LOVE the curtians you have by your kitchen sink!!!

Lisa said...

Hey - I finally figured out how to be "me" rather than "anonymous"! Woo Hoo!
Loved all the pics - post more!