Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Our trip to Kearney!

Last weekend, Joe & I had actually planned on going out to Denver to see Jaime, Jason and the twins. That didn't pan out, so instead Peytie & I went to Kearney with my mom & Hank to go visit my brother. (And of course - the best part... swimming at the motel pool!!) Well, the funny thing was - when we got there, we were in for a surprise. Missy, Jared & the kids apparently had the same plan, as they were there too! So Peytie got to swim with her cousins for awhile and boy did they have a blast!

It was pretty late in the evening, so Jared stayed up in the room with Nathan & Jacob. Matthew, Luke & Peytie had a great time!

My brother had to work like the WHOLE weekend, so we were only able to spend time with him for a while on Saturday. He & his girlfriend, Jess came to see us at the motel, so we all went swimming for a while that morning. It was a good time!

Peytie's favorite... the hot tub!


Poppo Hank finally talked her into going down the BIG slide. Of course - she wasn't really afraid, just didn't know what to think of it. I, on the other hand, was terrified! Big surprise, huh? Ha! After the first time down, she was a little hesitant but didn't take long to jump back on that horse! She went down with Uncle Trav & Jess several more times after that. She kept saying, "Woohoo! I wanna' go again!" (She IS definitely her father's child! ;o)

There was a little arcade/game room right outside of the pool room. Peytie spotted the 'stuffed animal' machine while walking back to our room. Well, it was a good thing Uncle Trav was there 'cause he's a master at that thing! He won her 2 animals!
Thanks Uncle Travis - we love you!!


brusoe2000 said...

looks like you had fun....who knew parenting could be so scary lol.

Mindy said...

Sarah -
LOVED the Kearney pics! They were all so good! Good to see Trav is doing well and that he won Miss Peytie some stuffed animals. How fun!!!

Dave Ja Vu said...

Love the pic of Trav and Peytie at the end of this post. Sorry we didn't make it; had company that whole weekend! Looks like it would have been fun, just need more notice probs...

Oh, and the tramp pics of your dad and Peytunia wrastling were Hilarious Duff!

Anonymous said...

OK - did anyone notice that Peyton's life jacket says "ho"?
That was def a good time, but we ALL could have done without the picture of the big blue cow! (I thought I was pretty evasive about getting caught in a picture!) Oh well...Good pictures, Sarah!
Love ya,

Blackmans said...

We had a blast in Kearney with you guys! We really need to do that again. The kids seem to do better when they have someone to play with!