Thursday, April 17, 2008

Our current remodeling project...

Last weekend was a busy one at the Vrbas household. Joe & I made a trip to Menards on Saturday to get all the supplies for our new deck. But the first project on Sunday was to take down the old one. I think Joe, Jerry & Rodney had fun with the destruction!

It looks so weird without anything there! Now comes the tedious job of framing & building the new deck!! YAY!

Peytie had fun jumpin' on the tramp we got from cousin Tori (who kinda' grew out of it...) Thanks Tori, we love it!!


Dave Ja Vu said...

That does look weird without anything there at all! I'm sure Joe has plans for a monster deck and it'll turn out awesome. When he's done with my dad though, can you send him back here possib? k-thanks... (poor Jer). Peyton is going to heart that trampoline so much. What a great idea to pass it on to you guys!

I'm getting ready to tile this morn, so your blog was a great way to stall before I bust my knees up! Happy weekend other Vrbi!

Dave Ja Vu said...

Okay, I didn't post for two weeks cuz I was remodeling and my life was in complete disarray. What's your excuse, missy?

BTDub, we are coming back for Pioneer Days. We'll just celebrate Jack's b-day with fam that way. Yay!