Wednesday, October 31, 2007

"Pretty Pumpkin Painting with Peytie!"

"Try saying that 5 times fast!"
Oh my... it's the one armed girl!

Oh, shooo... there's the other arm. ;o)

Mommy, Peytie & Nana Karla among a mess of paint.
(Think we maybe could've cleaned off the table?) Ha Ha!

Such a serious artist...

I'm amazed that she didn't have her toungue sticking out in this pic.
She was doing it the whole time! She's definitely a Vrbas! LOL!


Anonymous said...

Good Lord - you are QUICK! I just sent these this morning! You are just on top of the game, aren't ya'? They look good... I've shown several people at work the infamous knee high incident! What a ham she is!
Love ya,

Anonymous said...

We love pumpkin painting and these Vrbas kids are some of the best pumpkin painters ev! I love the one-armed girl photo. Too funny! Thanks for the update! And Amy laughed very hard at the knee high pics!

Unca D

Blackmans said...

Pumpkin painting is the best! It looks like you have quite the artist!

Anonymous said...

Peytie is a budding artist, I bet! She has the stocking thing down. That was such a hoot that day! My sides hurt from giggling. Good memories. Love, Grammy Tami