Friday, September 7, 2007

Just more pics from this spring/ summer...

Daddy & Peytie on our camping trip at Enders.

One of our trips to the park, here I am ridin' the seal.

It was pretty hard for me to get her to sit still so I could take this pic. As you know, she's not scared of anything & the slide is her favorite on the playground!

The snail used to be my favorite at the park, so I had to get a shot of her sittin' on his eye. Weird, but too funny!

Joe & I bought Peyton a pool this summer so she could swim anytime she wanted.
She had lots of fun in it, but sadly it's been retired already. It was a cheapy
& I guess you get what you pay for.

Another shot of Peytie at Enders lake. It was her very first camping experience. We went with some good friends of ours, Jaime & Jason Weiss. Fun times had by all! Thanks guys!


Anonymous said...

I heart your blog...just sayin'...

Told ya it was so easy a cavechick can do it!


Anonymous said...

I love your pictures Sarah! Peyton is such a CUTIE! :)

Anonymous said...

OK - I have just two things to say.
1) My granddaughter is the cutest kid ever. and...
2) Is that dog poo on her shoe in the slide pic?

Anonymous said...

Oh YUCK! I didn't even notice that! Nice powers of observation, Nana Lisa!